Dylan Sullivan

Assistant Head Trainer, Kennel Manager

Dylan has a true passion for animals.  He started his career with animals by working for a veterinarian, but once he learned the medical aspects of animal care, he wanted to learn more about the behavioral side.  Dylan is very motivated to help save the lives of dogs in need.  He will not quit on any dog or any client, because he knows that together we can give the dog a better life. 

Karen Bravo

Managing Director

Karen has always been involved in working with animals, but found that she was out of her league when she adopted an extremely dog aggressive Great Dane. After many trials and errors, Karen finally found Canine Solutions Training Services and developed the knowledge and skills necessary to resolve her dog’s aggressive behavior.

Since then, Karen has worked on further learning and developing her own dog training skills and is passionate about helping others learn how to best communicate with their dogs in order to have the best human/canine relationship possible. She comes from a background in corporate management and customer service.

Loree Mahoney-Sullivan
Seminar/workshop planner

​Loree began working for Canine Solutions Training Services after witnessing first hand, the positive effect that CSTS had on her formerly aggressive boxer. Once Loree learned how to be a strong leader with her own dog, she decided to take her skills to CSTS and assist in training, exercising and grooming the Doggie Day School students.

Chris is known for his common sense and comedic approach, making his training methods easy to understand and fun! He believes that balance based training is the best approach to communicating what you expect from your dog. Chris is very passionate and dedicated to canine behavior and training and it shows in all aspects of his lifestyle.

​Chris Fraize​

​Owner, Head Trainer, Canine Behaviorist

Chris has been professionally training dogs for more than 20 years. He specializes in canine behavior rehabilitation and has trained Police K-9 national qualifiers, weight pull national champions, therapy and agility dogs. He has given seminars on canine behavior problems, dog bite prevention, weight pull, dog sport problem solving and more.  Chris has been featured on Animal Planet, in Dog Sport Magazine and other national publications, radio, news and television programs. He has won a multitude of awards and certifications for training, judging and participating in canine competition.

Meet Our Team

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