We also offer private instruction and small, focused group classes. All classes meet once a week. Obedience class placements begin with an evaluation in order for us to recommend the proper course of action. Our head trainer, Chris Fraize, will then develop a custom lesson plan, designed specifically with your goals in mind for you and your dog. Our obedience classes are designed to give you and your dog the necessary education to lead to success!

​Call us today to schedule your evaluation at CSTS 207.703.2228!

​Plan to spend 45 minutes to an hour at your evaluation. The cost for an evaluation is $50.

Whether you need help with basic obedience, advanced off leash obedience or anything in between, our trainers are fully equipped to help you attain your goal! Our award winning trainers and canine behaviorists have years of knowledge and experience with a multitude of dog breeds, ages and temperament.

Our obedience classes focus on proper canine manners and the five basic commands (sit, down, stay, heel and come). You and your dog will learn proper human, canine and environmental socialization. You will also learn the lost art of leash handling, which is essential to proper training! Each class is essentially a mini seminar, so you will leave with more canine understanding, education and confidence than you ever imagined!

Obedience Simon Says in Downtown Portsmouth

Facing fears

Working with distractions -  dogs, people and ice cream!

A Unique Experience

Awaits at Every Class!

Obedience Classes

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