The 7 Truths of Personal Protection

Seminar with award winning canine behaviorist and trainer Chris Fraize.  
Chris has been professionally training dogs for more than 20 years. He has competed in and placed in many personal protection competitions across the country and was the head trainer for the Farmington New Hampshire Police K9 unit. Chris is the inventor of the sequestered trial currently being used in personal protection tournaments across the nation. He is a certified decoy for the N.A.P.D., N.W.D.A., K9 Pro Sports and winner of the 2003 Dog Sports Open Decoy competition. Chris is also an expert witness in dog bite cases. As well as a certified Judge for personal protection, obedience and weight pull competitions. He has conducted seminars on canine behavior problems, dog bite prevention, weight pull, dog sport problem solving and more. 
Chris has been featured on Animal Planet, in Dog Sport Magazine and other national publications, radio, news and television programs. Chris’ business Canine Solutions Training Services was voted “Best dog training” in New Hampshire in 2015. Chris is known for his common sense and comedic approach, making his training methods easy to understand and fun! He believes that balance based training is the best approach to communicating what you expect from your dog. Chris is very passionate and dedicated to canine behavior and training and it shows in all aspects of his lifestyle.

Seminar information:

Date: Saturday, May 27th and Sunday, May 28th
Times: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm both days
Location:517 US Route 1 Kittery, Maine
Phone: (207) 703-2228 or Email:

Available openings: PRE REGISTER ONLY!
10 handlers (Handler with one dog)- $200 each
10 audits (no dog)- $125 each
5 decoys- $100 each

Must pay in full, pre-register only; registration ends May 17th (10 days prior to seminar)
NO REFUNDS: under any circumstance
Lunch provided on both Saturday and Sunday
All dogs must be crated if not being worked.
All dogs must be up to date on vaccines.

Handlers and Trainers:
The 7 truths about Personal Protection.
Sport vs Personal Protection and the benefits of cross training for both.
Foundation FIRST, pattern second.
Identifying dog and handler weaknesses and turning them into team strengths.
Letting go of the “Blacksmith” mentality.
Teaching vs training: Do you know the difference?
Proper exposure to items of opposition (decoy controlled) and environmental obstacles.
Targets of opportunity and how to make the dog confident and comfortable.
Personal protection tactics that could save your life (and your dog’s life too!)
And MUCH more!

The order of four. And why EVERY decoy should know it!
Mimics vs artists. Certified decoy vs training decoy.
Why are you in the suit? Why ego causes problems and intelligence solves problems.
The “Moonwalk” decoy: It looks cool, but it’s actually taking you backwards.
Stress inoculations: Environmental issues. How to work through them properly.
Learning to play “chess” with the dog and why it will enhance everyone’s performance.
The “let’s see what happens” mentality and how it is detrimental to any training program.
And MUCH more!

Seminars and Workshops

In addition to being an exceptional dog trainer and canine behaviorist, Chris Fraize has proven to be an expert in his field. He has been featured in the news, on multiple television shows and is frequently requested to speak and provide demos at seminars throughout New England.

Check out our upcoming seminars below! 

Upcoming Seminars and Workshops

Interested in booking Chris Fraize for a seminar at your location? Contact us.

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