Check out our NEW referral program!

If you refer a friend to try Doggie Day School and they sign up for at least 1 day, you get 50% off of a day of day school!

But wait! If they sign up for 3 or more days then they will also get 50% off a day of day school!

Make sure they mention your name so both of you can save!

Canine Solutions Training Services is now offering an alternative to Doggie Daycare. We call it Doggie Day SCHOOL! Check out the video below!

If you want your dog to get exercise, gain confidence and have more structure, focus and obedience, then Canine Solutions Training Services Doggie Day SCHOOL is for you!

We encourage new students as well our past and present students to take advantage of this service to maintain and enhance your current training program.

*Please note: Day School is meant to enhance your current training program not replace it or the owners participation.

Spaces are limited. All breeds welcome! Big or small we welcome them all!

Email April or Tori at to make a reservation for Doggie Day School!

Doggie Day School is available

Monday- Friday

Drop off time- 6:30 am- 9:00 am

Pick up time- 4:00 pm- 7:00 pm

Doggie Day School Prices

Single dog price

1-5 days- $35 per day

6-10 days- $33 per day

11-15 days- $31 per day

16-20 days- $29 per day

*Two dog price is the price of one dog x 2 minus $5 per day.

Example: one day for one dog is $35, so for two dogs it is $65.

*All days purchased in advance must be used within the month they were purchased.

*Late fee- $1.00/minute up to 30 minutes. Dogs not picked up by 7:30 pm will be boarded overnight and additional fees will apply.

*All dogs must be current on vaccinations before starting Doggie Day School. ( DLHPP, Rabies and Bordetella)

*Dogs must be at least 18 weeks of age and current on vaccinations to start Doggie Day School.

*Doggie Day School is not meant to replace the owners participation obedience classes rather it is to enhance obedience training.

* CSTS staff will notify owner if any dogs show aggression to other dogs or humans and will recommend an evaluation with Chris for further training.


Day School Dog Brody practicing waiting at the door. This is a great lesson to teach so you don’t have to worry that your dog may bolt out the door. With repetition they will automatically sit and wait at the door.


Once Tori starts walking Brody knows it’s ok to walk through.