Canine problem Solving Seminar with Chris Fraize- CANCELLED
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Canine problem Solving Seminar with Chris Fraize- CANCELLED


If you have sought help through other trainers and been frustrated with the lack of results, read every book and watched every dog training video on YouTube and still the behavior issues remain, I can help.

How is it possible that I can help where others could not? The answer is simplicity itself... A change of perspective.

What if I told you, that your dogs problem behavior is just an opportunity. In fact, the problem is the golden moment you need to begin moving towards a solution and a more balanced dog?

What if I told you, that distracting or redirecting your misbehaving dog with food or a toy does nothing but create a false positive and almost always makes the issue worse?

What if I told you that most dog trainers believe they are helping, but really have no idea that they are ACTUALLY making behavior issues WORSE?

If you or someone you know has a dog with behavior issues from shyness to severe aggression please feel free to share this information.

I invite you to join me at this very dynamic, highly educational and FUN seminar! 

Safe training,
Chris Fraize

Cost: $150 per dog/owner team ( Limit 10 teams)  

          $75 to Audit (Limit 20 )

Groups of 3-4- $140 per dog/handler team

Groups of 5+- $135 per dog/handler team



Trixie has come such a long, long way since she was first adopted by her parents! She used to be a very scared, aggressive girl and with A LOT of hard work from her, her parents and the great people at Canine Solutions Training Services, she has transformed into a much happier and calmer girl! We are so proud of how far you have come, keep up the good work!!

- Hampton Veterinary Hospital

3 years ago I walked into CSTS, looking to get into weight pull. During my evaluation, Chris's son walked in to see his dad and Thor demonstrated quite a display of aggression. I was terrified because I had never seen my dog (then 6 months old) show any signs of aggression towards anybody, let alone kids!! Chris immediately jumped into action and we started training and I was amazed at his unique approach to dog behavior. We had been working with a different trainer at the time and as Chris pointed out...cookies weren't going to fix this problem. Oh, did I mention at the time of my evaluation I was pregnant with TWINS!!

Three years later, Thor is a national weight pull champion and our family's personal protection dog. Although Thor has titled and been a very successful athlete, this photo means more to me than any trophy ever could. He loves our kids and as you can see, they love him too. All of his accomplishments we owe to Chris and his amazing ability to work with Thor. Although, I still think it was harder for him to work with me than the dog ;)

- Allyson


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