Canine problem Solving Seminar with Chris Fraize
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Canine problem Solving Seminar with Chris Fraize

Chris Fraize is extremely knowledgeable on canine behavior and is on the forefront of canine/ human inter-species communication. Chris has 25+ years of training experience with behavior rehabilitation, competitive obedience competitions, police K-9 training, and much more! 

So many dog owners don't see or misinterpret what their dog is trying to communicate to them. It's because of this that dog owners are unwittingly creating or reinforcing problem behaviors. This seminar is highly educational and will help you interpret what your dog is actually trying to communicate to you. Chris will address any problem behavior from pulling on the leash to aggression and everything in between!

Cost: $150 per dog/owner team ( Limit 10 teams)  

          $75 to Audit (Limit 20 )

Call or email if you'd like to sign up!

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