Dog trainer wanted….Still!

Updated 04/16/2019

We are currently looking to hire an experienced balance based dog trainer to teach private and group classes. Must have an open mind, be reliable, confident, professional and comfortable teaching in a small group setting.  Pay as a sub contractor (1099). Experience working as a dog trainer is required.

You can bring your dog to work with you! You will also learn more about canine behavior from Chris and how it increases the success rate of dog training. 

* Your dog is your resume! Your dog must have reliable verbal basic obedience commands in order to be considered for employment. No bribery with treats, just voice commands, Sit, down, recall, heel, stay.

Note: You must be able to perform simple basic obedience with a single voice command. No snapping, clapping, yelling, forcing or repeating the command numerous times. We need a trainer that is capable of teaching reliable basic obedience without begging/bribing or yelling/forcing.

Email April to schedule an interview at