Rehabilitating the aggressive dog

With Chris Fraize

Saturday April 27, 2019

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Limited to 6 dog and handler teams

and 6 audit spots (human only)

$300 per dog and handler team

$150 to Audit ( handler only)

*Sign up no later than April 12th, 2019

Requirements- All teams must bring roof of vaccinations including Distemper, parvo virus, adenovirus, kennel cough and rabies. All dogs must have properly fitted collars, a standard 6 foot leash (no flexi leads), and an appropriately sized crate.


Chris Fraize has extensive knowledge and experience with canine behavior and canine/human inter-species communication. Chris has 25+ years training experience with behavior rehabilitation, competitive obedience competitions, police K-9 training and much more!

So many dog owners either don’t see, or they misinterpret what their dog is trying to communicate to them. It’s because of this that dog owners are unknowingly creating and/or reinforcing problem behaviors. This seminar is highly educational and will help you interpret what your dog is actually trying to communicate to you. Chris will address any problem behavior from pulling on the leash to aggression and everything in between!

Call (207) 703-2228 or email to book your spot!

We accept MC/ Visa over the phone or

you can stop in M-F between 10:00am- 4:00pm.