We are very proud of April and Sassy and wanted to share their achievements!

“Sassy earned her AKC Novice Trick Dog Title this week. She already has her AKC CGC and CGCA titles. I could not have done this without Chris’s help over the years. He is helping me understand dog behavior, to teach them in a way that they understand and to become a much better trainer. I truly respect and appreciate all of Chris’s expertise, guidance,and support and stand behind his methods wholeheartedly.”

-April Cowen and Sassy


“Here is our girl Roxy, at her heaviest. Coming out of winter into spring 2019. Right before we brought her to Canine Solutions Training Services. Her aggression toward other dogs was limiting her life and ours. We could no longer take her on hikes or beach walks. Though her exercise decreased her diet did not. A previous trainer told us to give treats to her to get her to refocus when she saw another dog at the fence. She was a mess and we were a mess. In 5 short weeks at CSTS she dropped 12 pounds, shown no aggression toward other dogs and is even becoming a well mannered young lady. We are excited to see where she will go next with her training. You have rescued Roxy and us with the new way of life you are teaching us. This really is the best way to love her! THANK YOU! My goodness she was a fatty!”

Rene and Roxy

Roxy before CSTS

Roxy before CSTS

Roxy after her 5 week stay at CSTS. She continues to progress with her weight loss and training!

Roxy after her 5 week stay at CSTS. She continues to progress with her weight loss and training!


I just wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude for everything Chris and Dylan, as well as any of the other trainers that may have worked with Scully, have done for me and my little family of dogs.

I have learned a lot about myself and Scully during this process but mostly myself and the errors I was making along the way that were affecting Scully's behavior.

She's not perfect and never will be but she listens to me (90% of the time opposed to 0-5%), when we have our setbacks I can quickly take control of the situation and I am no longer scared of her biting me.

The classes and Behavior Rehab has changed our lives - Thank you for everything you do.  :)

Jamila & Scully


If you have a dog with behavior problems, you know that taking him out in public is a stressful experience for both of you. The Street Steady classes are a great opportunity to take skills you've learned in obedience classes and apply them in real life situations, with trainers right there to help you through all the challenges.

My dog was so fearful that I couldn't take him for a walk in my quiet neighborhood, and I had no idea how to deal with his behavior.  Now I'm learning how to show him that he's safe with me, and I'm taking him into public situations I wouldn't even attempt a few months ago.

-Sarah and Archer

rich, Sharen & trixie

Here's a special shout-out to Chris and April Fraize for their ingenious 'Street Smart' canine training classes. We have been privileged to participate in two recent training classes in Portsmouth - and they have been AWESOME! And I'm not sure how Chris conjures up the beautiful weather - but we'll take it every time. Both classes complemented what we have learned in our weekly classes (obedience) and reinforced the opportunity to continue to learn in a real world setting.  Whether it was climbing the bleachers, jumping over the little league pitcher’s screen, walking around the perimeter of the dog park, walking over the Memorial Bridge or playing ‘Simon Says’ with our pets – all of these experiences provided unique opportunities to improve our skills as committed dog owners.

Thank you Chris, April – and your staff

- Rich, Sharen & Trixie


Trixie has come such a long, long way since she was first adopted by her parents! She used to be a very scared, aggressive girl and with A LOT of hard work from her, her parents and the great people at Canine Solutions Training Services, she has transformed into a much happier and calmer girl! We are so proud of how far you have come, keep up the good work!!

- Hampton Veterinary Hospital


laura & elliot

I rescued my pit bull when he was 1 year old. He RAN the house, and boy he knew he was king. He was dog aggressive, resource aggressive, nippy, possessive with toys and with me. I had been with a different trainer for almost 2 years and I felt stuck. She referred me to Chris and April. I was scared they would change how he was trained and the commands we already knew. I tried to defend my dog's breed and put a bandage on his behavior, thinking he was playing or "just because he is a rescue". Chris told me he needed behavior rehab for his aggression, I was in total denial! I cried when I left the evaluation because I felt like I had failed him. But I didn't. Chris reassured me of that. Little did I know that the morning I dropped Elliot off at Canine Solutions Training for his rehabilitation, that was the last time I would ever see that dog, who ran my life, and the house. Now, my dog respects me and knows I am the boss and we live in harmony with each other as dog and handler!!

- Laura


Allyson & Thor

3 years ago I walked into CSTS, looking to get into weight pull. During my evaluation, Chris's son walked in to see his dad and Thor demonstrated quite a display of aggression. I was terrified because I had never seen my dog (then 6 months old) show any signs of aggression towards anybody, let alone kids!! Chris immediately jumped into action and we started training and I was amazed at his unique approach to dog behavior. We had been working with a different trainer at the time and as Chris pointed out...cookies weren't going to fix this problem. Oh, did I mention at the time of my evaluation I was pregnant with TWINS!!

Three years later, Thor is a national weight pull champion and our family's personal protection dog. Although Thor has titled and been a very successful athlete, this photo means more to me than any trophy ever could. He loves our kids and as you can see, they love him too. All of his accomplishments we owe to Chris and his amazing ability to work with Thor. Although, I still think it was harder for him to work with me than the dog ;)

- Allyson


Heather & Ivan

I adopted a one year old dog that at first seemed to only need some basic leash and obedience training. Over time I discovered that my attempt at training him (with tips from a book I read) was just not working. Even worse, he started exhibiting new behaviors of unpredictable aggression with other dogs and with new people. While the aggression was rare, it created stress as I worried about when and where it would happen again. It was at this point I realized I didn’t want to spend the next 10 years worrying about whether I could put Ivan in certain situations. I needed professional help figuring out what I was doing wrong and how to develop the amazing family dog I knew he could be.

Since working with the team at Canine Solutions, I’m learning how to set the right rules and boundaries at home, which now sets the tone for how I confidently handle him in public environments. I absolutely love the hands-on nature of the classes and the opportunities to face situations in class that previously provoked bad behavior in Ivan. It is amazing the change in our family life now that I better understand Ivan’s motivations and how to communicate with him appropriately and consistently. It has relieved tremendous stress and I smile every time he heels next to me on our walks, it never gets old!

- Heather

Sonya & Daisy

Thank you so much!!! In one week, we have seen so much progress with Daisy! We are SOOOOO happy! I don't know how much more magic you can create in two more weeks...it will be amazing to see! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You have managed, in one weeks time, to morph a dog into something that I can envision being a dog that I can safely manage. You are amazing! I look forward to a future making my dog a wonderful family member and member of society.

- Sonya

Beth & Rigby

Having a pit bull type of dog life was wonderful. I felt my dog was the best ever, well behaved (well sort of) smart, (smarter than me I find out) and truly our best buddy. Rigby started showing signs of aggression and then started acting on them and getting into dog fights. We were besides ourselves and had no idea where this behavior came from. After going after a small sickly neighbors dog we knew we needed help and called Chris. We went in for an evaluation.

The evaluation I find out is more about my husband and myself. There was a lot of laughing and teasing at my expense with my husband joining in all the fun. I have a great sense of humor and Chris is a comic, so this was an ideal way to break the ice and get down to the real reasons our beloved pit was behaving this way. Were my feelings hurt? No, but I can see how someone may get upset over Chris's approach. He is not soft and cuddly (but trust me you will hug him when you walk away with a great dog!) he will NOT sugarcoat any of you or your dog's behavior. He will tell you just what your dog is capable of and even show you, Chris and his staff will scare the hell out of you with what YOU are teaching your dog! It was hard work on my husbands and I part. It was every week two days with Chris, Emily or Dylan then every day when we came home with Rigby.

I am forever grateful for the teachings of his behavior methods for us and Rigby, Chris's methods are not typical of most trainers and you need an open mind to really understand what he is telling you, but trust me you will have a happy dog if you listen and work hard with Chris and his team.



Love, love, love. This is great realistic stuff. Keep up the good work. I thinks it's amazing that you flat out tell people how it is. So many times in obedience classes I would have people tell me "look, I've had dogs my entire life okay." I always had to let them know that they've been doing it wrong their entire life. You are hands down my favorite trainer by far.


I remember my evaluation with Annie. I was,super stressed about letting go of her leash in the middle of 2 other dogs (she was aggressive to dogs). Chris convinced me one of two things will happen. She will be aggressive or comply and lie down. Sure enough Annie complied. I had the "Aha" moment that the problem was me, not my dog. Annie is now 14 and doing great. Occasionally she gets perked up by other dogs but a, simple correction and she moves on. I am so thankful to Chris and the team for training me to be successful.