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The 7 Truths of Personal Protection.

Seminar with award winning canine behaviorist and trainer Chris Fraize.


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Canine Solutions Training Services has provided professional service and expertise to thousands of dogs and their owners in the New England area for more than 20 years. Whether you need help with basic commands, competitive canine sports or behavior rehabilitation, our highly qualified trainers and canine behaviorists possess the skill set and know-how to give you and your canine companion the positive outcome you've been looking for.

Sport vs Personal Protection and the benefits of cross training for both.
Identifying dog and handler weaknesses and turning them into team strengths.
Teaching vs training: Do you know the difference?
Targets of opportunity and how to make the dog confident and comfortable.
Personal protection tactics that could save your life (and your dog’s life too!)
And MUCH more!

Has your dog been kicked out of other dog training facilities or doggie daycare? Are you at your wits end with your dog's aggressive behavior? No dog or problem is too much for us to handle. We have successfully trained and rehabilitated dogs of all breeds, temperaments and ages where others have failed.

Problem Dog? No Problem!


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