​ Canine Solutions Training services has provided over 20 years of professional service to thousands of dogs and their owners in New England and beyond!  Our highly qualified trainers are also canine behaviorists and possess a deeper understanding of canine behavior and interspecies communication in order to serve you and your canine family member to the best of our ability. In addition our trainers have been featured in national publications, radio and television programs. We have trained national champions in many different disciplines of canine competition. Police K-9 national qualifiers,weight pull national champions, therapy dogs, agility dogs and we are extremely proud to have successfully rehabilitated thousands of problem pet dogs achieving outstanding results where others have failed.

They key to these outstanding results were the owners. They were trusting, committed and eager to learn and apply their training consistently, clearly and confidently. These clients realized early on that they had to change themselves in order to get more than they had before. Just like anything worthwhile in life, success is based on effort. If you put in little effort, you get minimal results. If you put in maximum effort, you get maximum results! Dog training and behavior rehabilitation is the same way. You are responsible for your results. We instruct, coach, and support. The rest is up to you. If you want the dog of your dreams, we can get you there. Please remember, we don’t train dogs. We help dogs with human problems. Whether its Day School, Obedience Classes or our Behavior Rehabilitation Program we can help you and your canine family member understand each other better than you ever have before!

Welcome to the site! Please look around and enjoy yourself.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at (603) 833 5668.

Safe training,
Chris & April Fraize
​ Canine Solutions Training Services